Monday, 7 February 2011

Valentines Day Special: First Date Style Inspiration

First Date Inspiration

Having recently become part of the dating scene, it made me think that the first date is always a tricky one in terms of outfits. You don't want to look like you've made too much of an effort and yet, you want to look nice and alluring. So, here's my top tips for first date success.

  • Flat shoes or ones which you KNOW you can walk in without thinking twice are essential in putting you at ease. If you're already a bit nervous then adding to that by wondering if you're also going to fall over isn't going to help. Last month, I went out to a friend's birthday where I knew my exboyfriend would be. So I wore these amazing wedges which I knew would look THE BOMB. Bad idea. Cobbled streets + new shoes = Emma falling over x 4 in front of said exhubby. Not my classiest move I'm not gonna lie!
  • Wear something you like and you know you look good in. If you know you look amazing, you will feel amazing and that will come across in your body language and what you say. Comfort is key!
  • Relax! and don't put too much pressure on yourself. The first date (technically!) should be quite easy because you don't know much about each other so you should have loads to talk about! fave films, music, hobbies, can they cook/dance, where did they grow up, where did they go on holiday? You'll have loads to talk about. And plus they must already like you a bit or they wouldn't have asked you out or agreed to meet up with you! :)
  • Remember you can always dress an outfit down a bit by adding a cardigan or dress something up by adding accessories.
  • If you're totally stumped or have no idea where he's taking you, you can't really go wrong with an LBD, a cardigan and some ballerina shoes.
  • I know I've mentioned this article before but Jezebel's "Guide to Flirting" is really great for top tips
  • Be yourself. No matter what outfit you wear, be funny, be sarcastic be cute, be glamorous but always be yourself let your personality shine through. Remember you're gorgeous and amazing and funny and you can do what you want so go get him! :)
If any of you have dates coming up, let me know how it goes!

Hugs and cupcakes,

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