Sunday, 27 February 2011

This Season's Must have Trousers: The Wide Leg

The Wide leg. hmmm...... now this one is definately a difficult one because it doesn't suit all body types and it's not always the most flattering. Lets face it, it 0% shows off your amazing pins/booty because they're covered up by a million folds of material! and sometimes even for slimer people they can cling in ALL the wrong places so be careful of the fit!


Because of the shape it looks best on tall figures but if you're petite, you could always go for pin stripes and heels to elongate your legs and don't go for such a wide cut. Heels are kinda a must for this fashion anyway because they tend to drag on the floor a little if you don't! If you are tall you can get away with a wider cut and if you're curvy try and go for more of a flare shape to bring out your curvy hips! (ooo lala!)
Wide Leg trousers

As there is so little structuring on your bottom half you need to make sure you pair it with something quite fitted and unfussy at the top. A simple tshirt and jacket would look great for example but not a blouse which is too huge.

Anyway, play around with it! and email me some of your outfits so I can post them as style inspiration.

Hugs and Cupcakes,

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