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Scoop International Fashion Show

Scoop International
Scoop International Website

On Sunday I had the privilege of attending the first Scoop International Fashion Show which was held in the Saatchi Gallery, London. The combination of quirky art with some fantastic up and coming fashion assortments was a fantastic choice of setting as it showed the individual pieces as something truly deserving of an art gallery. The collections shown were for buyers to have a look at new brands to stock in their stores or boutiques and therefore, in most cases, the clothes won't be available to buy in the shops until winter 2011.
There were a lot of fantastic designers including; Sula, Sara Berman, Betty Jackson Two, Mackage, Kerry Nixon, DKNY, Givency, Vivienne Westwood and Ella Luna to name but a few.  

Garguz website

I really loved the assortment by Garguz Studios who were even kind enough to let me take a picture of this fantastic military style coat. What I liked most was the exquisite attention to detail; the clothes were well made down to the last military style gold button and I'm sure if these lines are picked up by a department store they will sell very well.

The other thing I really loved was the handmade skin jewellery by Ines de Castilho. For someone who hasn't seen one before they are tattoo-like stickers which you stick to your skin and they last around 5 days even if you have a shower. They are hypoallergenic so you can even use them if you have allergies. I know I'm going to be buying some of these from their website for my summer ball and they would look also look great if you're getting married as they contain tiny bits of Swarovski crystal!

This is really a terrible picture and doesn't do it justice at all so go to the website: http://www.ines-de-castilho.com/index.html and have a look. This one is from their 'Bel-ami' collection which includes lots of butterflies. If you order any let me know what you think, I can't wait until they're sold by a big UK retailer so i can buy them all the time!

The other collection which I must mention is called 'Sula.'  One of the lovely ladies who was showing the collection explained to me how all the garments are handmade from start to finish by one person in Vietnam and all the garments are also fairly traded.

On their website it says:
'We believe happiness has to be in the very fabric of our garments’
Anyone who knows me, will know I'm an avid supporter of fairly traded goods and whilst these designs are not exactly edgy, they're definately classic designs which will turn into timeless wardrobe essentials. Classic designs and fair trade? sounds great to me! Here are some gorgeous pictures from their catalogue:

Check out their website here

Hope you enjoyed that girlies!  I wish I could have showed you the beautiful purple carpet you had to walk along to get into the gallery. I felt like a star going to the Oscars except no one was taking my picture! ha ha!

Hugs and cupcakes,

P.s. If any of the exhibitors wish me to amend my pictures or what I have said about their products or would just like to say hello, then please email me on: x.and.makeupblog@gmail.com.  

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