Sunday, 27 February 2011

This Season's Must have Trousers: The Wide Leg

The Wide leg. hmmm...... now this one is definately a difficult one because it doesn't suit all body types and it's not always the most flattering. Lets face it, it 0% shows off your amazing pins/booty because they're covered up by a million folds of material! and sometimes even for slimer people they can cling in ALL the wrong places so be careful of the fit!


Because of the shape it looks best on tall figures but if you're petite, you could always go for pin stripes and heels to elongate your legs and don't go for such a wide cut. Heels are kinda a must for this fashion anyway because they tend to drag on the floor a little if you don't! If you are tall you can get away with a wider cut and if you're curvy try and go for more of a flare shape to bring out your curvy hips! (ooo lala!)
Wide Leg trousers

As there is so little structuring on your bottom half you need to make sure you pair it with something quite fitted and unfussy at the top. A simple tshirt and jacket would look great for example but not a blouse which is too huge.

Anyway, play around with it! and email me some of your outfits so I can post them as style inspiration.

Hugs and Cupcakes,

Friday, 25 February 2011

Chino inspiration: What I Wore Today

Heya Girlies,

I was totally inspired by my blog on Chinos yesterday so I decided to have a little 'spring fling' with them this morning and I just had to share it with you. At the moment I have my mid-terms in so it's all super boring library time. (The books are proof that I'm actually working!)but I always think that if you look good, then you feel good and then you'll do good work. So it justifies look fabulous!

My apologies for the grumpy bathroom shot! haha! Literally none of my friends were around to take a semi-decent picture of me and this was the only place in the library with a) decent lighting and b) a mirror to take a piccie myself. Well, Fashion isn't all glamour when you're a poor student like me! :)

I'm wearing: a Brown tshirt with a silk ruffle from Mango, A Coral cardigan from Primarni, some black trousers from Topshop and some grey plimsolls and a thin brown waist belt (Not a clue where these are from!)

It did make me think this morning as I tried to recreate the looks I showed you yesterday that you really do have to get creative with what you've got. Trousers look great with any colour tshirt on top and a little cardigan or blazer and if it's something really structured like a Chino, it looks really good of you add some movement in your top half by having something loose. Also, notice how I've drawn attention to my waistline with the belt as this is a part of my body I love.

Anyway, I must get back to the grind. I hope everything's good with all of you fabulous people!

Hugs and cupcakes

Emma xx

Thursday, 24 February 2011

This Seasons Must Have Trousers: The Chino

Heya peeps! Ready to make Chino's your new Spring staple?

Number one in this season's must have trouser style is the Chino. This three quarter length tailored trouser are usually made from crisp cotton and you can dress it up or down, so they really are versatile. They're also a great transition piece from spring to summer. Too cold for shorts, yet too warm for trousers and you want to look smart/casual? Go for the Chino!

Ways to wear the Chino
The great thing about these is you can get some slightly different cuts to suit your body type so they suit all kinds of body shape. For example, if you're worried about having a 'muffin top' go for a high waisted version which is going to pull you in.

Here's a piccie of me wearing some black chino's, shoes and bag from Topshop and a jumper from Oasis.(Excuse the camera, no one was around to take a piccie for me!) At the time I was planning a work interview outfit but I went for something different in the end. It's still pretty smart though!

Hugs and Cupcakes,

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

How to Wear this Seasons Trousers

Picture from River Island
So left to right we have the Chino, then the Pallazo (or wide legged trousers), the Skinny Combat and The Flare.  Over the next few days I'm going to be showing you some cool ways to wear them and my top tips to understanding which type will suit your body type best!

I can't wait!

Hugs and cupcakes,

Monday, 21 February 2011

Street Style: Check it Out


Thought I would give you some style on the streets from my hometown. This is my brother (yes ladies, he's single and straight ;-)) who is wearing a gorgeous checked shirt from Soul Star and jeans from Burton. These checked shirts have been all over the highsteet for a while and are fantastic for helping proportion the body by drawing the eyes across the torso and down the body.

Let me know what you think. I've been looking at Topman/River Island and Burton recently and the highstreet really seems to be lacking a real fashion presence in men's clothing at the moment.

What do you think? loving the outfit? You can now rate at the bottom of the post if you like.

Hugs and cupcakes,

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Picture of the Day

From Kind over Matter

This would be so great if you printed this out and stuck it around your workplace/school/university/college/home.

Everyone deserves compliments :)

Hugs and cupcakes,

Friday, 18 February 2011

Style Inspiration: Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly Style

“I am basically a feminist. I think that women can do anything they decide to do.” -Grace Kelly
Grace Kelly
"Fairy tales tell imaginary stories. I am a living person. I exist. The day someone tells of my life as a real woman you will discover the true person that I am." -Grace Kelly

“Why get angry? Getting angry doesn’t solve anything… I don’t like yelling and fighting and I can’t quarrel, I prefer to let it drop… When people use disagreeable words, I feel crushed and remember them for a long time.” -Grace Kelly

"The freedom of the press works in such a way that there is not much freedom from it." -Grace Kelly

“I avoid looking back. I prefer good memories to regrets.”

“I would like to be remembered as someone who accomplished useful deeds, and who was a kind and loving person. I would like to leave the memory of a human being with a correct attitude and who did her best to help others.” -Grace Kelly

If there's one thing that American movie star Grace Kelly will be remembered for, it's her elegant beauty and class. She was never a 'reveal-all' actress, preferring to keep her body and private life under wraps but she was still incredibly attractive. She had timeless style and, as can be shown from her quotations, was full of good advice as well.

Top tips for getting Grace Kelly's style:
  1. Pearls aren't just for Grandma. Pearl earrings and necklaces can be really stylish when paired with a simple LBD. If you want a modern take on a classic go for a single pearl on a silver chain or pearl earrings
  2. Wear only two colours at any one time.
  3. Wear hats, turbans and headscarves.
  4. Use simple makeup - glowing skin and a little red lippy, nothing too fancy or caked on.
  5. Have a capsule wardrobe of key pieces which you can wear all year.
  6. Of course, the last tip is to buy a Hermes 'Kelly' bag, which was made famous in the 1950's and has a one year waiting list to purchase one.
Hugs and Cupcakes,

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Scoop International Fashion Show

Scoop International
Scoop International Website

On Sunday I had the privilege of attending the first Scoop International Fashion Show which was held in the Saatchi Gallery, London. The combination of quirky art with some fantastic up and coming fashion assortments was a fantastic choice of setting as it showed the individual pieces as something truly deserving of an art gallery. The collections shown were for buyers to have a look at new brands to stock in their stores or boutiques and therefore, in most cases, the clothes won't be available to buy in the shops until winter 2011.
There were a lot of fantastic designers including; Sula, Sara Berman, Betty Jackson Two, Mackage, Kerry Nixon, DKNY, Givency, Vivienne Westwood and Ella Luna to name but a few.  

Garguz website

I really loved the assortment by Garguz Studios who were even kind enough to let me take a picture of this fantastic military style coat. What I liked most was the exquisite attention to detail; the clothes were well made down to the last military style gold button and I'm sure if these lines are picked up by a department store they will sell very well.

The other thing I really loved was the handmade skin jewellery by Ines de Castilho. For someone who hasn't seen one before they are tattoo-like stickers which you stick to your skin and they last around 5 days even if you have a shower. They are hypoallergenic so you can even use them if you have allergies. I know I'm going to be buying some of these from their website for my summer ball and they would look also look great if you're getting married as they contain tiny bits of Swarovski crystal!

This is really a terrible picture and doesn't do it justice at all so go to the website: and have a look. This one is from their 'Bel-ami' collection which includes lots of butterflies. If you order any let me know what you think, I can't wait until they're sold by a big UK retailer so i can buy them all the time!

The other collection which I must mention is called 'Sula.'  One of the lovely ladies who was showing the collection explained to me how all the garments are handmade from start to finish by one person in Vietnam and all the garments are also fairly traded.

On their website it says:
'We believe happiness has to be in the very fabric of our garments’
Anyone who knows me, will know I'm an avid supporter of fairly traded goods and whilst these designs are not exactly edgy, they're definately classic designs which will turn into timeless wardrobe essentials. Classic designs and fair trade? sounds great to me! Here are some gorgeous pictures from their catalogue:

Check out their website here

Hope you enjoyed that girlies!  I wish I could have showed you the beautiful purple carpet you had to walk along to get into the gallery. I felt like a star going to the Oscars except no one was taking my picture! ha ha!

Hugs and cupcakes,

P.s. If any of the exhibitors wish me to amend my pictures or what I have said about their products or would just like to say hello, then please email me on:  

Friday, 11 February 2011

Do you want a Raisin? How about a Date?

Picture Link

Heya Guys,

With Valentines day coming up and following my last post about "First Date Style Inspiration" it made me think how often how often my guy friends don't know what sort of fun things they can do with girls. It doesn't even have to be a first date, if you're in a relationship it's always nice to think of new things to do.

So here are my top things to do with your special someone.

  1. Go for a Picnic - Who says dates have to be expensive? A blanket, a few sandwiches and some drinks is all you'll need, plus you can show off your amazing sandwich making skills. Just make sure they're not allergic to anything first!
  2. Bake - One really good date I went on we disastrously tried to make fudge. It didn't work. but we did have a great time, buying the ingredients, trying to make it and then tasting the results
    Picture Link
  4. Go for a walk, feed the ducks, sit on a park bench. It's great if you can walk next to a lake or river.
  5. Go to an Art Gallery - The Tate Modern is free and has some interesting pieces.
  6. Board Games Night - invite some friends and re-live the monopoly madness of your childhood.
  7. Go to the Zoo - What is it about cute fluffy animals that warms the heart?
  8. Music concert 
  9. Show them your passion - Like stargazing? Golf? Fashion? Amazing at COD? show them or let them have a go!
  10. Bowling
  11. Play Pool - it lets you have some physical contact and get into someones personal space if you have to show them how to hold the cue.
  12. Go to a comedy night - If you laugh lots then you're going to look back on it with fond memories and want to repeat the experience
  13. Ice skating
  15. Take your dog for a walk - Having a cute dog will make your date think = caring person.
  16. Play crazy golf
  17. Go to the Beach, if it's a bit chilly to go for a paddle, go for a nice walk and try and find some seashells
  18. Build a snowman together
  19. Go to a play - You can see a play at Shakespeare's Globe for £5, (if you're a geek like me!)
  21. Play Badminton
  22. Get caught in the rain - Brownie points if you give them an umbrella or can magically materialise an umbrella
What's the best thing you've ever done on a date?

Hugs and Cupcakes,

Monday, 7 February 2011

Valentines Day Special: First Date Style Inspiration

First Date Inspiration

Having recently become part of the dating scene, it made me think that the first date is always a tricky one in terms of outfits. You don't want to look like you've made too much of an effort and yet, you want to look nice and alluring. So, here's my top tips for first date success.

  • Flat shoes or ones which you KNOW you can walk in without thinking twice are essential in putting you at ease. If you're already a bit nervous then adding to that by wondering if you're also going to fall over isn't going to help. Last month, I went out to a friend's birthday where I knew my exboyfriend would be. So I wore these amazing wedges which I knew would look THE BOMB. Bad idea. Cobbled streets + new shoes = Emma falling over x 4 in front of said exhubby. Not my classiest move I'm not gonna lie!
  • Wear something you like and you know you look good in. If you know you look amazing, you will feel amazing and that will come across in your body language and what you say. Comfort is key!
  • Relax! and don't put too much pressure on yourself. The first date (technically!) should be quite easy because you don't know much about each other so you should have loads to talk about! fave films, music, hobbies, can they cook/dance, where did they grow up, where did they go on holiday? You'll have loads to talk about. And plus they must already like you a bit or they wouldn't have asked you out or agreed to meet up with you! :)
  • Remember you can always dress an outfit down a bit by adding a cardigan or dress something up by adding accessories.
  • If you're totally stumped or have no idea where he's taking you, you can't really go wrong with an LBD, a cardigan and some ballerina shoes.
  • I know I've mentioned this article before but Jezebel's "Guide to Flirting" is really great for top tips
  • Be yourself. No matter what outfit you wear, be funny, be sarcastic be cute, be glamorous but always be yourself let your personality shine through. Remember you're gorgeous and amazing and funny and you can do what you want so go get him! :)
If any of you have dates coming up, let me know how it goes!

Hugs and cupcakes,

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Thought for the Day

Never give up, you can reach your dreams if you keep going!

Hugs and Cupcakes,

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Spring Forward: Miss Selfridges New Collection

The of S/S Miss Selfridge new in

Hey girlies, Here are the things I am loving which is New in at Miss Selfridges. They're all available from or in-store if you like them! There are some fantastic floral prints and great items for layering. With the Spring weather like it is, (changeable!) your outfits should be all about having that versatility so you are neither too hot or too cold. Drop me an email with your best spring outfits and I will write a blog post on the most stylish ones! Don't be shy!

Navy Cream Chiffon Bow Tee, £20 - the perfect smart/casual top
Blue Long Sleeve Crop Top, £14 - This is following the block colour trend
Petite Stone Frill Skirted Mac, £65 - If you don't have a Mac, buy one now!
Ochre Ponti Shift Dress, £60 - Summer Maxi love - these were all over the catwalks recently
Camel Bow Front Court, £38 - Court shoes are never going to be out of fashion and these pick up on the spring/summer nude trend.
Dark Distressed 10" Shorts, £25 - A summer staple, pair with a white tshirt and huge shades for effortless class
Khaki Skull And Chain Scarf, £14 - Really Alexander McQueen
Mink suedette Town Shoe, £45 -
Coral Cardigan, £35 - I bought one of these recently to brighten up my wardrobe and it looks really cute with a white tee
Ivory Butterfly Scarf, £14

Without trying to sound like too much of a Diva, I really really need a facial. I have a great skin care regime but it really needs something extra. I gave up caffeine recently and it's been making my skin oily. - Any suggestions for a good one girlies? or is there a favourite product you love and could recommend to me? Just comment in the box below to help me out :)

A million hugs and cupcakes,

Friday, 4 February 2011

Perk it up: New in at Dorothy Perkins

Best of What's New: Dorothy perkins

I love seeing all the new things in the shops. We are finally through winter and into spring and warmer weather. Yippee! bye bye nights in with a movie and hello barbeques, playing frisbee in the sun, wearing my flipflops and sipping Pimms!

All items are from Dorothy Perkins, UK and are available at
Cream pussybow blouse, £27 GBP, - The cream version of my favourite purple number.
Coral frill pumps, £22 GBP, and who said flats were boring?
Black ponte frill Dress, £32 GBP - because spring = new beginnings and it's best to start a new job with style!
Pink bead halter Dress, £24 GBP
Coral bag, £22 GBP
Strawberry Earbud headphones, £10 GBP, So So cute! If I didn't already have a pair with diamontes in, these would be mine.

Tomorrow: What's new in Miss Selfridges!

Hugs and Cupcakes,

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Style inspiration: Chanel Ad Campaign Spring/Summer 2011

Morning Girlies!

Okay, I know I'm never going to be able to afford these outfits.

But it doesn't stop me looking at the cute models and pray every day that my lottery numbers come up so I can get some of this style inspiration into my wardrobe. These photo's were taken by the fashion genius himself, Karl Lagerfeld.

What, to me, is most suprising about these shots is the relaxed feel. One model is even smiling! which is very different to the sulky, pouting seductresses we're used to! Anyway, let me know what you think! xox

Source 1 Source 2