Friday, 1 October 2010

Essential Beauty Tools

Hey guys! Sorry I havn't posted in a while. moving to uni = no internet. But I have a few blogs ready to upload so enjoy x x
Cute goat who hasn't been shaved :0)
You can get two types of brushes either synthetic or made from Goat hair. Both are very good but I personally prefer synthetic because I hate the idea that some goat somewhere is sitting around bald because I wanted some pretty make up brushes. Try to invest in good quality ones though if you can afford it because they really will last you for years and make a difference to the way your makeup looks on your face.
Basic Kit:
Face and Body Brush: This brush is used for face powders, powder foundation and bronzer to give total coverage to the neck, neck and d├ęcolletage area. Top Tip: in order to elongate your neck, brush bronzer down the centre of your neck and dust lightly over the collar bones.
Foundation brush: This is essential in giving your liquid foundation even coverage and yet so so many people use their fingers. (Seriously At first, dab the excess foundation around your face and then work from the middle outwards, smoothing as you go.
Blusher brush: a blusher brush can be used in two ways; either to highlight the apples of your cheeks with a blusher or bronzer or to add definition to your face by placing it under your cheek bones (tutorial on this to come soon) which will give you the cheek bones of Kate Moss or a beard shadow if it goes wrong, - use with caution!
Eye shadow brush: an essential for every girl’s makeup bag that doesn’t (again!) want to use her nicely manicured finger to put on makeup.
Tweezers: Keeping your brows under control and beautiful is essential and yet often neglected part of your beauty regime. but they frame your face and it doesn’t take much to tidy them up a bit round the edges.
Cotton wool pads:  No explanation necessary! I prefer the pads as opposed to the balls because then you don’t get the cottony bits on your face but either is darn useful
More advanced tools:
Blender Brush – an accompaniment to the eye shadow brush, A blender brush is useful for doing all over colour with little definition or to mix two colours seamlessly
Smudger  brush – Small tipped smudger brushers are really good for making your eye shadow into a coloured eyeliner. This tool will apply shadow to a very specific area.
Lipstick and concealer brush – as is shown in the ‘Autumn red wine lips’ Blog, Lipstick brushes are good for precision application.

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