Friday, 17 December 2010

What's Your Skin Type?

What is your skin type?
Apparently 74% of people don’t know their skin type. So week by week I’m going to give you a guide to your skin. What type you are, what you should be doing daily to keep it in tip-top condition and how to help problem skin.
Remember your skin can change due to weather conditions, medication, the Pill, ageing and change in hormones so you may have to adapt your skin care regime after some time. You are not a skin type for life!
Oily Skin – Oily skin has a visible shine, often only a few hours after cleansing. It can be prone to acne, blemishes, black heads and pimples. It often has large visible pores and is often dull.
Dry Skin – Dry skin can be flaky and often feels tight after washing. You are more prone to wrinkles, redness and the skin can feel flaky.
Normal skin – Normal skin has little shininess and rarely has dry patches or blemishes.
Sensitive skin – Often has allergic reactions to products and can also be dry or oily, often has red blotchy patches.
Combination skin – Combination skin tends to be shiny on the T-zone and dry on the cheeks. It gets a few blemishes and blackheads and a few flaky patches.
Men – Men’s skin can be any of the skin types above but the skin is usually thicker. The main difference in skin type between men and women is in the body. Putting it simply, men’s skin is more tightly woven together. This means that they aren’t prone to cellulite like women are.
Skin care quiz – this is a little quiz to help you find out what skin type you are, but it doesn’t include sensitive skin because often you can be a combination of dry-sensitive/oily-sensitive or normal-sensitive.  This shouldn’t take over the advice of your doctor/dermatologist but gives you a good indication of which type you might be.
How does your skin feel after washing?
a)      After a few hours it feels greasy
b)      It feels tight, and not very supple.
c)       It feels fine, neither greasy nor oily
d)      It feels fine but after a few hours I get a slight shine
e)      I don’t wash. I’m a man.
Can you see your pores?
a)      Yes, They’re very visible
b)      No, I can never see them
c)       I can rarely see them
d)      I can sometimes see them, but not all the time.
e)      What’s a Pore?
How often do you get black heads/blemishes?
a)      Often.
b)      Never, or on rare occasions
c)       Every now and then, say, once/twice a month, but not often
d)      I get black heads and Blemishes quite frequently
e)      You mean those volcano things in my skin? Yeah I pick at them in the mirror after I shave.
What’s your skin type?
Mostly A – Oliy skin
Mostly B – Dry Skin
Mostly C – Normal skin
Mostly D- Combination skin
Mostly E – You’re probably a man.

If I use a face cream for a long time, my skin will ‘get used to it.’  
This is a myth made up by companies to get you to spend more. If your skin looks and feels great then keep your skin care regime. If your skin needs something different, for example its getting dry/oily/dull then your skin has changed because of hormones or the weather or another reason. Your skin is not complex enough to ‘get used to’ something.
Hope this is useful! I'm really excited for all the other posts I have planned so pop back soon.
Did you know what your skin type was before you did my Quiz?
Hugs and Cupcakes,

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