Saturday, 26 March 2011

Carousel Makeup

Good Morning!

Sorry, for my blogging absence but my final third year papers are due in soon and I've been busy preparing to do the makeup for my university's production of Carousel. (Eeeeeee! exciting!)

Julie is wearing YSL foundation, with a coral blush, red lipstick and brown eyeshadow from The Body Shop. and I just used  a little concealer on the guy playing Billy. Don't they look fantastic?

Over the next week I will be doing the makeup (with a little help!) for a cast of 35 people so I'm going to be rushed off my feet I'm sure!

The Cast are an extremely talented bunch of people and have worked so hard rehearsing this musical. I've watched a couple of dress rehearsals and it still makes me laugh. I'm so excited to see it on stage with all the makeup costume, lights and scenery.

Not quite as excited as Music Theatre Society President Lucie Nash will be on opening night though; “I can’t wait to see how people react to Carousel – it has been such an exciting few months putting it all together and everyone involved has worked incredibly hard. I have an extremely talented cast and I know they’ll do Rodgers & Hammerstein justice. ”

If you do live in the Kent, UK, area you can get tickets from the Whitstable playhouse by clicking here

Here's a picture of me with the 'old look' makeup which, quite frankly, is the stuff of nightmares! haha! I'm sooooo sexy! ;) This is what happens if you don't use SPF moisturiser everyday people!

I will be doing a tutorial on how to recreate this look if you ever need to, for Halloween or stage or just generally to scare your housemates so watch out for that after all this madness is done!

Hugs and Cupcakes,

Friday, 18 March 2011

Pop Tart: Spring Colour in Elle Magazine

French Elle Magazine
Model: Toni Garrn
Photographer: David Slijper + Fabrice Bouquet
Styled by: Julie Chanut Bombard

I didn't think anything would be better or cooler than black nail varnish, but, Wow! Isn't this spring 'pop of colour' funky? The coral nail avrnish is divine and refreshing whilst the block colouring eyeshadow really makes a statement. Spring is definately here and I'm loving it! What do you think? Love or loathe girlies?

I shall keep my eyes peeled for similar colours on the highstreet and letyou know what I find! (Though I won't be able to buy any because of my shopping ban! haha)

Hugs and cupcakes,

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Love Letter to the Universe

Freebie Alert : Printable Love Letter to the World Art Print
Picture from kind over matter
There is a lot of wisdom in this post from one of my favourite blogs, Kind Over Matter. I hope it inspires you all to be yourself no matter what, don't let anyone or anything bring you down. Stay Happy :)

Love and Cupcakes,

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Shopoholics Anonymous

Picture from: Pinterest 

Hello Girlies! Long time no see!

My apologies for the absence, I've been busy and having man-troubles! Gah! But it's all good now and I'm back better than ever! :)

Anyway, I wanted to fill you in on my latest challenge. I've given up shopping for lent. I'm still allowing myself to buy: Food (of course!) and other actual essential thing like shampoo and conditioner and that's about it!

I know its shocking! and I may single handedly put Britain back into a recession! But it had got to the point where everytime I went out shopping I would HAVE to buy something or I would come home disapointed. None of this 'window-shopping' stuff. Genuine purchases. Which is just ridiculous because my wardrobe is literally bulging. I don't even have room for all the clothes I do have at the moment let alone buying new ones!

Now, just to make things clear, shopping in itself isn't really a bad thing. It's just when you shop to fill a void or make yourself feel better or because you're bored that it becomes a problem. I know I'm terrible for buying things when I'm stressed or upset, does it make me feel better? short term, yes, long term no because then I have no money and I'm still stressed!

Picture by Luca Mainni

Lets get one thing straight, I love love love shopping like the next girl but shopping, in itself, is never going to make you happy. When I went travelling I met people who, to me, were poor. They didn't have two pennies to rub together. But it made me realise (and this may sound like a cliche!) but they actually had rich lives because they had close families and friends and were able to see the humour in every situation, and that's real happiness!
 The other thing which I'm terrible for is buying things I don't need just because it's a bargain. Red shoes only £15?! I NEED them! but do I need them when I have 4 other pairs of red shoes at home? . . . . If you're saying yes,
then you're wrong! ha ha!

Good anti-shopping websites:
Guardian Thrift Guide: How to Stop Shopping
How to stop shopping: Sophie-Kinsella's guide to keeping shopping addiction check

So, do you find yourself making snap purchases? Do you think I'll be able to last 40 days and 40 nights or do you think I'll start going crazy and have to do 200 fashion blog posts a day to satisfy my shopping needs?

Who knows? Maybe I'll cave the next time I'm in Primark! We'll just have to see . . .

Hugs and Cupcakes,

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Happy International Women's Day

Hey Girlies,

I am a huge huge supporter of women's rights. Not in a 'I hate men' kinda way but in a I deserve just as many oppotuinites kind of way. I thought this Video with Dame Judi Dench and Daniel Craig was very intersting. Enjoy! Emma x x

Sunday, 6 March 2011

This Season's Must have Trousers: The Flare

Heya guys,

This is the last post in the 'How to Wear this Seasons Trousers' series and it's having a look at the Flare.

The Flare:
The great thing is that the flare is super flattering for most body shapes. If you're curvy it will emphasise your curves and if you're not they'll make you look more curvy. (Sounds great, eh?) You can also get highwaisted versions to flatter your tummy too.  They've been all over the runway the past two seasons and have been popular with lots of celebrities too so you don't have to worry about them looking dated.
Boho Flare

They look fabulous if you want to go with the whole 70's trend and get a bit Boho but they really are so versatile you can put them with anything.
Have you got any great ways of wearing your flares? or do you think they're a bit dated?
Lert m know what you think!
Hugs and Cupcakes,

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Tali and Tara Take Burberry

Why hello there gorgeous! How's it going? ;)

I just thought I would show you the new Spring/Summer Burberry  Ad campaign featuring thier new models Tali and Tara.(I wonder if that's thier real names, or given to them for the campaign?) Just gorgeous though isn't it? I adore the cream Mac featured above and the graphic prints are so on trend. Nice to see some Men's fashion featured there too. I hate to think what the price tag would be on these pieces but at least we should have something similar coming out on the high street soon.

Hugs and Cupcakes.

 Emma x x x

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Style inspiration: The Turban Head wrap by Jason WU
VENA-CAVA-SPRING-2011-RTW-BEAUTY Headscarve by Vena Cava

Turbans were all over the Spring/Summer 2011 New York fashion shows (See jason Wu and Vena cava) and I've had the sudden realisation that turbans are either a) super cool or b) super ridiculous. but either way I kinda want to see if I can pull it off! I mean if Sarah Jessica Parker can do it then why not me?

What do you think? For or against?

Hugs and Cupcakes,