Friday, 11 February 2011

Do you want a Raisin? How about a Date?

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Heya Guys,

With Valentines day coming up and following my last post about "First Date Style Inspiration" it made me think how often how often my guy friends don't know what sort of fun things they can do with girls. It doesn't even have to be a first date, if you're in a relationship it's always nice to think of new things to do.

So here are my top things to do with your special someone.

  1. Go for a Picnic - Who says dates have to be expensive? A blanket, a few sandwiches and some drinks is all you'll need, plus you can show off your amazing sandwich making skills. Just make sure they're not allergic to anything first!
  2. Bake - One really good date I went on we disastrously tried to make fudge. It didn't work. but we did have a great time, buying the ingredients, trying to make it and then tasting the results
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  4. Go for a walk, feed the ducks, sit on a park bench. It's great if you can walk next to a lake or river.
  5. Go to an Art Gallery - The Tate Modern is free and has some interesting pieces.
  6. Board Games Night - invite some friends and re-live the monopoly madness of your childhood.
  7. Go to the Zoo - What is it about cute fluffy animals that warms the heart?
  8. Music concert 
  9. Show them your passion - Like stargazing? Golf? Fashion? Amazing at COD? show them or let them have a go!
  10. Bowling
  11. Play Pool - it lets you have some physical contact and get into someones personal space if you have to show them how to hold the cue.
  12. Go to a comedy night - If you laugh lots then you're going to look back on it with fond memories and want to repeat the experience
  13. Ice skating
  15. Take your dog for a walk - Having a cute dog will make your date think = caring person.
  16. Play crazy golf
  17. Go to the Beach, if it's a bit chilly to go for a paddle, go for a nice walk and try and find some seashells
  18. Build a snowman together
  19. Go to a play - You can see a play at Shakespeare's Globe for £5, (if you're a geek like me!)
  21. Play Badminton
  22. Get caught in the rain - Brownie points if you give them an umbrella or can magically materialise an umbrella
What's the best thing you've ever done on a date?

Hugs and Cupcakes,

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