Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Vogue Fashion Night Out: Part One

Fancy late night shopping, with cocktails, fashion shows and free goodies and discount? I thought it sounded like fun so last Thursday I went to London where Vogue was holding its annual fashion night out and what fun!
At first I went to John Lewis on Oxford Street was treated to some champagne and a fashion show. I also had the privilege of doing some mini interviews with a few of the designers.
Loren Taylor is definitely one of the new designers to watch. From bespoke clutch bags to beautiful everyday handbags there are a few which I would absolutely love. My favourite is the red Immi bag which would be fabulous for the office. Not only are they gorgeous and practical but they’re also hand-made from the finest materials and only produced in small quantities. This means the bags are both well made and pretty unique!  Although they’re not Topshop prices (I’m going to have to save my pennies), they are surprisingly good value for the quality, designer name and the fact that they are handmade to order.

Picture used with the kind permision of Loren Talyor

And the designer Loren is so sweet, I wish I had spent the time to speak to her a little longer. I wasn’t really expecting to be able to actually talk to any of the designers so I was really pleased when she agreed to answer a couple of my questions. (Although this isn’t a direct quote because I didn’t have a Dictaphone). 
My question was: “What is the inspiration behind your Autumn/Winter bags?
Loren told me about how she grew up in Africa, in the outdoors with a lot of exotic colours. When she travels she takes lots of pictures to keep as inspiration. She also told me how she takes inspiration from British fashion design and designers.

Immi Bag in purple

My second question was: “What is your favourite bag?”
Loren said her favourite bag is also the Immi bag but in white.
If you are interested in any of Loren’s bags they can be bought at www.lorentaylor.co.uk or from John Lewis.
I also managed to have a few words with Mischa Barton who seemed a little flustered, bless her!
I asked Mischa "what inspires you?" and she  told me what inspires her life was the charity work she does, in particular with children’s charities.
She supports some great charities including: http://www.savethechildren.org.uk/ and http://www.make-a-wish.org.uk/  Please support them if you can.
In terms of her bags she said she was inspired by Vintage bags that she has and sees in vintage fairs and also films but that she can get inspiration from absolutely everywhere.
My John Lewis Purchase of the night, perfect for my new job :)
Coming up in part two: More designer interviews and styling/phototgraphy by Vogue.
Hugs and Cupcakes,

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Brighton Baby

All pictures by me. :)

Hey Guys,

Yesterday my housemate and I had a great day out in Brighton! We had traditional English fish 'n' chips by the sea, played on the penny arcade (and got beaten by an eight year old! haha!) and went into a the 'glitterball disco' which was a day-time karaoke bar which was great fun!

I've been ill for a the last few days and the sea air 'blew the cobwebs off,' as my mum would say, so it wasn't an amazing day for fashion for me. When you're a bit under the weather, comfort is the main priority. Which just shows that clothes are just as much about how they make you FEEL as how they make you LOOK. I wore:

  • White short sleeve t-shirt from Principles
  • Layered under a grey vest top from New Look
  • Jeans (which I ripped a hole in! haha)
  • Grey plimsolls
  • Long chain necklace and Bag from Accessorise
  • Silver watch from Morgan
  • Hat from Top Shop
So casual but comfy!

We had a great play list going in the car including some old classics:
  • Sweet Dreams - Beyonce
  • Take That
  • Don't stop believeing - Journey
  • Poker face - Lady Gaga

I even found a little pebble which said 'I Love You' on it! Awww Spread the Love people!

Hugs and Cupcakes,

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Colours Therapy: How to Make Your Clothes Make You Happy

Hello Gorgeous,

Have you ever noticed that sometimes just by putting on your favourite top you have a great day? There’s no denying there’s a correlation between looking great and feeling great. But how about what colour you wear effecting your mood?  Is there a more literal meaning to the saying ‘seeing red?’ Well, according to the scientists at the Feng Shui Society, the colours you see can really affect your mood:
Our bodies are stimulated and energised by some colours, or calmed and relaxed by others. Mentally and emotionally, colour works on a deep level, changing our mood and our sense of well being, as well as others' perception of us.”

so what colours for what moods?

Black: Associated with silence and death it can be a ‘heavy’ colour to wear. Black is often a sombre colour but it can also be sophisticated and can allow you to blend in and hide from the world.

Red: Has physical associations with the body and blood as well as love and romance. If you see something red it is even said to help circulation. Hence why so many people have it as a dating colour, in the hope they get their loved one’s blood pumping! Because of this it also represents vitality, ambition, power and prosperity.
Orange: Is a warm and happy colour. It frees and releases emotions and is fun and uplifting.

Yellow: Also a bright and happy colour, and is associated with the intellectual side of the brain. So, if you want to have an organised day then yellow is the colour for you. If also helps you be clear headed, alert and decisive

Green: Is the colour of nature, its balancing and calming. If you’re in a stressful situation, you naturally seek it out as it soothes and calms the emotions.

Blue: is cooling, calming and relaxing like the deep blue sea and can also help you to be reflective.

Purple: Is a deep rich colour which is spiritual, artistic and creative.

White: The colour of purity, it is a colour of protection and alleviates emotional shock and despair and is another reflective colour. However, it can also be very cold and isolating.

So next time you’re dreading doing a presentation at work, reach for the yellow dress for an instant pick-me-up. Or when you’re picking out a vest top for your yoga class, perhaps blue would be best?

Embrace the Feng Shui of fashion in your wardrobe and become one with nature. Oh, darn it’s that green top influencing me again!

Hugs and cupcakes,

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Love from Coco and Destiny

Picture from: Here

Truth from the queen of fashion herself. You never know when you're going to step out of the door and meet the most amazing person!

Hugs and cupcakes,

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Fairy Photoshoot

Heya Guys,

I did a photoshoot last year with a fairies theme and thought I would share it all with you! As you know, at the moment I've got an internship at a top designer fashion company so finding time to do blogs is quite difficult! But, I will be back and better than ever and ready to share everything I've learnt sooon :0)

Love and Cupcakes,

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The Best of Top Shop's New in

Top Shop - The best of new in 3/7/2011

Belted dress, £36
Blue print dress, £50

Red chinese Blouse, £40.00
Love racerback vest
, £25.00
 White Guernsey Style Jumper
, £38.00
TopShop leather shoes
, £28.00
TopShop leather clutch, £16.00

Peacock feather earrings, £13

I want everything here so so much! What do you think of the new things Topshop has got out?

Hugs and cupcakes,

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Backstage at Dolce and Gabanna Summer 2012 show

Hiya guys,

Here's some backstage pictures of the Dolce and Gabanna Men's Sumner 2012 show. D&G comments about the features of the show:

FOULARDThe whole collection is characterized by the use of foulards as the central element in the making of blazers, bomber-jackets, t-shirts, trousers, shorts and accessories.

NEW PROPORTIONSBoth volume and fit get softer for a more relaxed style.

FABRICSApart from foulards, denim, washed linen and touches of leather have been used.

ACCESSORIESHand-stitched moccasins in foulard-printed suede. Raffia or foulard-printed hats.

Really this blog post is just an excuse to see lots of beautiful D&G Men

So Oriental style patterns everywhere, great accessories and bright colours. Perfect for summer!

Is your man into fashion? Or does he just stick to the classics?

Hugs and Cupcakes,

All pictures courtesey of Dolce and Gabanna facebook page

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Yves Saint Laurent - Pre Spring/Summer 2012 - Poppies and Playsuits

This winter go for the red coat and you'll be bang on trend where ever you go!  A pop of colour never hurt anyone! ;)

Heya Guys,

I just wanted to share with you Yves Saint Laurent's (YSL) Pre Spring/Summer 2012 collection which has just been shown at New York Fashion Week. YSL has a sucessful makeup range and fragrances but it never seems to get the fashion praise it deserves. Enjoy!

This shows how simple colours can really create elegence. Pure white by itself just screams fresh, light and carefree. The poppy detailing at the bottom of the trousers is delicate and cute, taking the floral trends from summer 2011 and simplyfying it to one simple motif. (Just be careful if you're wearing this and eating spagetti bolognaise in the streets of Milano ladies! yes, it's happened, and no Ariel did not make it 'whiter than white' again! haha!)  

Now this my friends is one sexy ass play suit. Damn! I gotta get me one of these! Now, I know a lot of people think that if you're not straight-up-straight-down-like-a-bean-pole then you wouldn't be able to pull a look like this off, but I can assure you that accesorisation is the key! If you want to cover your legs, opt for a longer one, perhaps in a slimming black. But make sure you get a waist belt which is bright or jeweled and pretty so it gives you a great waist. Then, pile on the bangles and bling. Where ever you want to draw attention to! and BAM! One sexy Mamma!
The bright blue poppy! This just shows you don't have to bear-all or even wear heels to catch the eye. The print is just gorgeous
A quiff is a great quick hair do in the morning. just take the top section of hair from the front of your head twist at the back and clip with pins and set with hair spary. If your hair is a little thin you can always back comb it first to give it a little oompf

A truly stunning piece! The anchor motif draws your eye down toward the bright knot detailing and the simple hair/makeup and accessories ensures you don't get distracted from the striking dress. Fantastic combination of summer brights and nautical trends.

What were your favouritr parts of the Spring/Summer collection?

Hugs and Cupcakes

Saturday, 11 June 2011

The Best of Zara

Kate Middleton in a blue Zara dress (still available now if you like it, it's the Halterneck dress £35.99)

Heya guys,

Zara has been thrust firmly into the spotlight as a favourite high street brand of Kate Middleton. Although they don't have as many stores as Dorothy Perkins, it still has a good range with some very fashionable pieces alongside some classics. It must also be mentioned that they have a fantastic environmental and animal welfare record so you can feel good as well as look fabulous.

Here I round up my favourite pieces of this seasons collection.

Flared raincoat £79.99. Will never go out of fashion and is similar to many of the famous Burberry trench.
Take on the Block colouring trend with this 'Halter Neckline Dress,' £39.99. It would look fantastic with white accessories.

A smart classic blazer: £49.99, will dress up any outfit.

Openwork Snakeskin Slingbacks £59.99 will go perfectly with this summers trend for white and Monochrome as seen in Chanel's Cruise Collection

Butterfly Scarf £19.99. Some lovely scarves by Zara, and the Butterfly motif has become really popular at the moment.

All pictures were from Zara. These prices are subject to change so don't blame me if they do :)

What have you been loving in the Zara range at the moment? Do you shop there often?

Hugs and cupcakes,

Friday, 10 June 2011

Things to make you Happy on a Rainy Day

Heya guys,

I woke up this morning
and the weather was pouring
It was gloomy, wet and gray,
but don't worry about the day
we shall have a great time
hope you like my rhyme,
with pictures, colours and sweet
cupcakes and dancing to the beat.

Hope this makes you smile,

This website shows you baby animals in the snow

All images from Pinterest

Hugs and cupcakes,