Friday, 27 May 2011

Giorgio Armani Spring 2011

Spring Summer 2011 Giorgio Armani Advertising Campaign – (07)

Spring Summer 2011 Giorgio Armani Advertising Campaign – (01)

I'm loving these new Georgio Armani Spring/Summer Adverts. The Turban and The navy are so Rich in colour and look as though they've been inspired by the decadence of Orient.

I've been buried under a pile of books in the library for a while (final year exams! eek!) but now it's time to get back to fashion so get excited for lots mroe blog posts soon!

Also, *whispers* I have a new job so expect a few Office Fashion blog posts soon! :)

Love and cupcakes,

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Pictures are Forever

Heya Guys,

Way back in January I did a photo shoot with my Friend Mel, who is an awesome photographer witht the theme 'Something extraordinary, in the ordinary.'  So we decided on a summer clothes photoshoot in Winter with Mickey Mouse ears. It was sooooooo cold, it was actually snowing the day before.

It reminds me of a quote which is apparently from Brad Pitt when he was filming on a cold night and he said, "cold is temporary, movies are forever." So that was really going through my mind when we did these pictures. Enjoy!

Of course, as we were shooting this in January all of these clothes are last season so won't be available in the shops anymore.

Hope you like these final versions,

Hugs and Cupcakes,