Friday, 21 January 2011

That Girl's Got Skillz

Do you want to nab some skills? Running skills? Flirting skills? Posh Nosh Skills?
Every New Year, a lot of people seem to get an opinion on how to improve their lives and consequently everyone else’s. From the truly crazy ideas [I’m going to live on just water and carrots for an entire month] to the reasonable [I want to lose one stone before I go on holiday] to the downright ridiculous [I’m going to shave my cat] everything comes out of the barrel and by half way through January, often forgotten.
 Now as it’s a new year I thought it would be good to get some skills or improve on the ones I already have. Here are some awesome websites which will hopefully get you some new hints and tips too. Enjoy! And add a comment of any websites you also find really useful.

Want to start running? Well this website has a programme which will get you to running for 30 minutes at a time in 8 weeks? Get some tunes on your ipod, get running and you’ll have a beach ready body in no time J

Awkward when chatting to guys/girls? This is a good guide to helping you feel a tad more comfortable! I know its really hard, whenever I see someone I really like I always act like a douche because I get all nervous but the best thing to think is. . . no pressure! Talk to them with the intention of being friends and then it’s no big deal if there’s not an instant attraction. You’ve got a new friend right?

One theory on the way to be happy. There is some truth in the article!

Need to take a break for two minutes?  . .. as if I need any more encouraging!

Want to organise your home? This blog has lots of handy tips and ideas to get you going. My bedroom needs rewiring so I’m literally going through every item in my bedroom and either keeping, throwing away or selling on Ebay and this website has certainly helped get me started. There are lots of different ideas on there so have a mooch around.

Want to improve your blog? Get more traffic? Have a look at this website with lots of useful hints, tips and articles.

Want to find another dish which will soon become your ‘speciality?’ Try Waitrose. The gods of food. Okay, whilst my student budget doesn’t stretch to their gourmet prices, you can make some posh nosh with the same recipes but the onions come from ASDA instead. WIN :D
I particularly like the Green Thai Chicken Curry:

A little word on diets
It seems at the start of a new year the real focus is on the body, what you eat and how much you exercise. I applaud anyone who is on a diet. I know that I would find it very difficult to restrict what I’m eating because I always want what I can’t have! (This also happens to me with men and shoes and often when I order food, I want what someone else is having!) But one of the ways which I’m using to help me come to terms with eating a bit more healthily (chocolate is my downfall!) is when eating a salad or a piece of fruit to think “this is good for me to eat because it’s going to make my skin/hair glow and I’m going to feel great.” and when I eat something that isn’t healthy, rather than thinking that something is ‘bad’ and giving myself a guilt trip about it, to think “I’m eating this [insert junk food here] and its going to make me feel sluggish and bring me out in spots but I’m doing it anyway.” Suddenly doesn’t look as appetising does it? Aside from this, there are some genuinely tasty salads out there; it doesn’t all have to be carrot food to be healthy! I went out with a friend of mine to Ponti’s in Reading and had the most delicious caser salad and it made me feel so good and ready to keep shopping. Probably not the same feeling I would have got if I’d have had a Burger!
So, don’t guilt trip yourself but remember you deserve to look great and you deserve to eat yummy tasty healthy food which is going to make you look even more like the goddesses you are!

Hope this inspires you,

Love and Cupcakes

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