Saturday, 8 January 2011

Chanel your love

After reviewing the Chanel R-T-W collection Spring/Summer 2011 I thought, how does a girl with a part-time job and a university loan (legally!) get their hands on a vintage Chanel Bag? The ways I came up with are:

1) Win the lottery
2) Your best friend/significant other/close family member wins the lottery.
3)Win one in a competition.

and to be honest, I don't like those odds! so I thought, how does a smart girl with a part time job get a Chanel Handbag? and I came up with either:

1) saving and saving for years on end
2) not getting one but getting one which looks exactly the same instead. Clever eh?

My quick guide shows you where to get those copy cat designs.

Get the Chanel Look . . for Less

and then it occured to be that rather than my fiance-to-be get me an expensive engagement ring, that I would rather have a cheap one and a real vintage Chanel Handbag. Now that is true love!

Love and Cupcakes,

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