Thursday, 6 January 2011

Style Newsflash: Meggings

One of the styles which we have seen in the catwalk shows for a couple of seasons is 'Meggings.' Or in other words, Leggings for Men. Okay, Spider-man has been been wearing them for a couple of decades and we've seen them on the catwalk every now and then but its never something I ever thought would take off......until now.

This a selection from the catwalk shows of Givenchey, John Galliano and Bernhard Willhelm. This first one looks okay, the next is jester style and the third just darn electric crazy.

Russel Brand has reportedly been calling them his "testostrousers" and he actually pulls the look off pretty well, but then again, his style isn't exactly what you would call 'everyday' or even 'everyman' anf they could easily be mistaken for his skinny jeans.

Now, don't get me wrong, I love the male phyisique as much as the next girl but a part of me does think that this is stealing our fashion secret. What?! they're supper comfy, super warm, usually come in a slimming shade of black, are dead cheap and show off your posterior?! No! you can't have them! What do you think ladies? Its odd at best, outrageous at worst and yet, what could not be more innovative, more eye catching than dressing men in a type of clothing which previously has only even been considered for women?

Model on the right: Journalist Jonathan Heaf, wearing sparkly leggings. Photograph: Teri Pengilley/Guardian

The catwalk style this season has been for a clean, fresh and yet emascluated woman, which can be seen very well in Stella Mcartney's ready to wear collection for spring/summer so perhaps this is a reversal. A clean, fresh, different man and yet acknowledging female fashion?

and then I think......Am I one day going to go into Tesco and accidently pick up the meggings instead of the leggings and only realise when I get home and they have a zipper? hmmmm..... Next thing you know it will be Meels. Men's Heels. hang on a minute.......

I would love to know your thoughts,

Love and cupcakes,

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