Monday, 24 January 2011

Quirky Handmade Jewelry

My friend Katie is the queen of unique style. Some things she wears I didn't even know they were cool until I see them on her (sparkly gloves a la lady Gaga = YES) and suddenly everyone wants one! and I love supporting local talent. Handmade unique jewelry = super cool. If it was made by Louis Vuitton would be called Couture, as it's not we just call it  . .. . "awesome."  So, take a look at this beautiful jewelry she made and some outfit ideas of what you could put it with and the good thing is you can bid for them right now by clicking on the link.

The above outfit would look great accessorised with these earrings. These are the perfect earrings to buy if you want your neck to look long and slim. Matched with a boho scarf in this seasons colour of  bright blue, To bid, go to:

A Beautiful vintage lace choker would look fantastic with:


Get the choker by clicking the link:

and if you don't like those two she has lots of other bits and pieces which might catch your eye, so take a look.

Love, cupcakes and Happy Shopping,

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