Friday, 5 November 2010

If you've got it, Firework it girl!


  1. Really like this design, really good for a first shot at a makeup tutorial. However, just a few tips. For the firework design I would definitely use a liquid eyeliner rather than a pencil as liquid eyeliner will stay on a lot longer, stand out better and have a more defined look. As an add on, I would go over it with a glitter wand (collection 2000 do some great ones at only £2.99 a wand) .

    Also, I would recommend using an eyeshadow base under the eyeshadow rather than just foundation as the colours will stand out more and look more solid. GOSH at Superdrug do a great eyeshadow base crayon that not only provides the perfect background but also helps the eyeshadow stick and stay fixed for longer.

    Other than that, keep up the good work!

  2. the GOSH eyeshadow base crayon looks like this:

  3. Heya! Anonymous person! :) Glad you liked it, its my pleasure treasure. The reason why I didn't use a liquid liner was because I unfortunately only have black and I didn't want the look to be too dark/smudge etc. But thanks for the tip! There are many differnt ways to create this look so definately play about with what you have and make it your own! These tutorials are meant to be more of an inspiration rather than saying that this is the ONLY way it can be done. Especially as I am limited myself with how much make up I have. Thanks for letting me know about the other products, I'll definately try then out soon :)

    love and Cupcakes x o x