Friday, 15 October 2010

Bracknell Fashion Week 2010

Fatou - Model and photo from Mapis Modelling
Last month I had the privilege of being one of the makeup artists for Bracknell fashion week on behalf of The Body Shop, who I work for during the university holidays. I had two female models to apply make up to, Fatou and Holly, who were both from Mapis modelling.
On Fatou, I used her own cream foundation, powder and highlighter as we didn’t have any colours to match her skin tone. On her eyes I used the gold colour from Shimmer Cubes Brown 07 all over and then the darkest brown in the corner to give her an ‘Autumn smokey look’ which was the requested look to match the clothes. In order to give the eye shadows a stronger pigment I used them wet by applying some of The Body Shop, Vitamin E Facial Mist to the palate before applying to her eyes.  (but you can use water) This makes the colours really vibrant, (try it with some of your own eye shadows from home, it’s Fabulous) and was recently reviewed by Gok Wan in ‘How to Look Good Naked’ as one of his favourite products.  I then applied some volumising mascara and black liquid liner to finish the eyes. On the lips I used a moisturising lip care stick then a lip liner to give her lips some definition and then added some moisturising lip treatment in a nude colour as her eyes were so vibrant.
Holly - Model and Photo from Mapis Modelling
On Holly I used a Cream foundation which gives nearly total coverage has her skin tone was really uneven. I then used a thick SPF15 concealer around the eye area to cover any dark circles and create a good base for applying the eye shadow. Again they wanted an ‘Autumn smokey look’ so I used the same palate as before but used a brown instead of a gold and used the darker brown shadow as an eyeliner  with a slanted brush. Again I used tonnes of mascara to really build up her lashes and black liquid eyeliner to really define them. On her cheeks I defined the cheek bones by putting a pink tinted highlighter on the cheek bones and then a darker blusher just underneath.

Happy Weekend Folks!

Em x o x

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