Tuesday, 5 October 2010

The Rushing Channel of Fashion - and how to swim in it.

I love exquisite clothing and beauty. And I rank the top fashion designers alongside Picasso and Derain in artistic merit. In this blog I'm going to be exploring the ideas of fashion and costume (and hoping to learn something along the way :) ). But let’s begin at the start.

What is fashion?

Fashion is the current style, the latest and most admired way of dressing. It is the mode and custom prevalent at a particular time – the current popular clothing style. Falling from the catwalks of Milan, Paris, New York and London, fashion filters down through high end designer stores, finding itself pooling in the high street and cheap trashy gossip magazines. Degrees are passed and often the sophistication of the designer’s original idea is sifted into tacky oddness that once had artistic merit, but has just become an inexpensive mutation of a traditional garment.

So why is fashion taken so seriously? What makes it seem so important? My guess starts with an observation - Look at how prevalent media is in our Western society, with images of beautiful and photo-shoppedly-perfect celebrities blanketing TV, magazines, shop fronts and billboards, almost everywhere we go. That is the ideal, or ‘ideal’, that has been set up and now seems to swamp us. Wake up feeling bland and unimportant, swallowed up in a 9-5 grind, and by following fashion and replicating the looks of the 'upper-class' of style it can leave one feeling glamorous and gorgeous.

But let’s not take it too seriously. If we all followed fashion as if it’s a map, the world would be drenched in Gaga-wannabes. How about this idea? - Fashion is but a compass. It’s a selection of ideas from which you can pick and choose, manipulating things to your own personality, budget, style and body shape. Surely, if everyone painted from the same palette, the world would seem monochrome. And if everyone painted like Picasso, noone would know their arse from their elbow. It’s just clothes. So let’s just have fun with it :)

Coming up – ‘The Art of Eccentric Style’.


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