Friday, 15 April 2011

Polish up: Nail Polish Know-How

Heya girlies,

Now all my work is done,
what will get me out of bed
when the summer sun has gone
is pretty nails in pink, yellow and red :)

Well, the sunny spell seems to be over in my part of England but get a little sunshine back in your life with some summer nail colours! (and random poetry) The best thing about nail polish is you can treat yourself to something new and it doesn't have to cost the earth, Barry M and Rimmel do some really cheap ones which are fantastic!

5 Nail polish colours every girl should have:

1) The Perfect Pink
Pink Polish

There are so many shades and so little time! What other colour can make you feel like such a girl?

2) Classic French Manicure

Picture from here

For those job interviews, seeing your grandma and getting married to Prince William (Hint, hint Kate Middleton) nothing beats a french Manicure for looking 'polished' (pun intended!) I mean, it's French so it's gotta be classy, right?

The tricky thing about a French manicure is getting the tips perfect. The best way to do this is either:

 a) put masking tape over your nails leaving a small slither at the top which you can then paint white and take the tape off once it's dry, and THEN paint on the pink over the top (or you can buy little stickers from your local store)

b) If you have longer nails and a steady hand paint your tips horizontally, instead of length ways and you'll find it much easier.

c) Sally Hansen does a pencil which whitens the tips of your nail which you just rub underneath which is good but not quite as polished as the actual nail polish method. It's called '2 in 1 nail white pencil' 

3) Lady in Red

Picture from here

What is it about red nail polish and a bit of red lippy that is so so seductive? It also goes perfectly with a 'Little Black Dress.'

4) Black to the Future
Black nails
okay, so it may be a little gothic, but don't underestimate the power of black nail polish. It is so versatile and will go with everything.
Top tip: Make sure you use a base coat so your finger nails don't get stained.

5) Sparkles, rainbows and happy happy colours

Fun nails2

And then there's that whole heap of nail colours which just make you happy for no reason at all :)

and also this is such a great idea:

Nail Art Love

I love the strawberry one! I hope this inspires you to get painting! :)

Hugs and cupcakes,

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