Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Yves Saint Laurent - Pre Spring/Summer 2012 - Poppies and Playsuits

This winter go for the red coat and you'll be bang on trend where ever you go!  A pop of colour never hurt anyone! ;)

Heya Guys,

I just wanted to share with you Yves Saint Laurent's (YSL) Pre Spring/Summer 2012 collection which has just been shown at New York Fashion Week. YSL has a sucessful makeup range and fragrances but it never seems to get the fashion praise it deserves. Enjoy!

This shows how simple colours can really create elegence. Pure white by itself just screams fresh, light and carefree. The poppy detailing at the bottom of the trousers is delicate and cute, taking the floral trends from summer 2011 and simplyfying it to one simple motif. (Just be careful if you're wearing this and eating spagetti bolognaise in the streets of Milano ladies! yes, it's happened, and no Ariel did not make it 'whiter than white' again! haha!)  

Now this my friends is one sexy ass play suit. Damn! I gotta get me one of these! Now, I know a lot of people think that if you're not straight-up-straight-down-like-a-bean-pole then you wouldn't be able to pull a look like this off, but I can assure you that accesorisation is the key! If you want to cover your legs, opt for a longer one, perhaps in a slimming black. But make sure you get a waist belt which is bright or jeweled and pretty so it gives you a great waist. Then, pile on the bangles and bling. Where ever you want to draw attention to! and BAM! One sexy Mamma!
The bright blue poppy! This just shows you don't have to bear-all or even wear heels to catch the eye. The print is just gorgeous
A quiff is a great quick hair do in the morning. just take the top section of hair from the front of your head twist at the back and clip with pins and set with hair spary. If your hair is a little thin you can always back comb it first to give it a little oompf

A truly stunning piece! The anchor motif draws your eye down toward the bright knot detailing and the simple hair/makeup and accessories ensures you don't get distracted from the striking dress. Fantastic combination of summer brights and nautical trends.

What were your favouritr parts of the Spring/Summer collection?

Hugs and Cupcakes

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