Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Websites I'm Loving this Week

There are a few websites which I absolutely adore. And a few which i find quite amusing. And a few I go on when I’m insanely bored or have work to do because they’re a great great way to procrastinate. Anyway! Have guessing which is which with these lovelies: – the play girl’s guide to radical self love. This website is full of good advice to make you happy and beautiful photos. - amazing amazing amazing pictures. I love the Alice in wonderland inspired ones. - Apparently it’s mostly women who like horoscopes because we like to make sense of the world, but its a fun of fun however you see it. - This guy bought an ipad and then dipped it in chocolate! Wow.
from - This is brilliant. It’s basicly a what-men-really-think guide. If you have a look though the site you can read articles such as ’10 signs you’ve been single too long’: 4) you get a cat! Lol. Aparently girls think that guys with cats are weird.  I’m sure if men read women’s websites about understanding men they would be equally as funny, and I’m not trying to put anyone down who is single know.....I wouldn’t be put off a guy if they had a cat! That’s just silly. Anyways! Have a peek!ey/ – 21 questions to get to know a guy in a relationship. Or you can ask your friends, which would be equally as fun. J One of my colleagues also taught me a questions game called what would you rather? E.g. Would you rather have lots of nice shoes but no pets, or a dog and only one pair of shoes? And you can each ask each other a question until you get bored.
Love and Cupcakes,

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